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This article aims to clarify the process of importing files for a Mission Planner plan. 



Import file

Import file

The file import option allows importing a grid or corridor mission geometry from local files. File import can be accessed from the mission edition section/mission summary.

To import an external file:

  1. Access any existing grid mission or create a new one.
  2. On the right panel, under the “Mission summary” section, click on the “Import” button.


  3. The file import dialog will be displayed showing the different file formats that can be imported. By click on the “?” icon, the support reference will be open for more details. Select the desired file format and click on “Import”.


  4. A file browser will be displayed filtered by the selected file format. Select the file to be imported.
  5. If the file format is correct, the current mission outline will be adjusted to the imported file coordinates.


  6. Once the file is imported into the mission it can be edited, saved or splitted into smaller missions. For more information, please refer to our Split mission - Mission planner support article. 

Import formats:

CSV (WGS84): It allows importing the mission outline from a list of coordinates. .

Select CSV format.

Important: The format of the file is described here:
  • First column (required): longitude (decimal degrees).
  • Second column (required): latitude (decimal degrees).
  • Polygon should be closed. First and last coordinates should be the same (grid missions).
  • Fields should be separated by commas, and there should be a header row. See the following example:
    Example: File with 4 points in WGS84
    Longitude - Latitude

    -3.780522, 40.676226

    -3.793901, 40.648199

    -3.756822, 40.645912

    -3.755536, 40.668879

    -3.780522, 40.676226

KML (WGS84): It allows to import the mission outline from an existing KML file. 

Select KML format.

A dialog will pop up demanding to refer to the file format and the path in the local device.

Important: The format of the file is described here: 
  • File must contain a single Polygon (grid) or Linestring (corridor).
  • Coordinates must be in WGS84
  • Polygon should be closed. First and last coordinates should be the same (grid missions).
  • Examples
Note: please review the file format description carefully. If the format is not met, the import will not work.
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