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This article goes step by step through the process of Mission edition using Mission Planner. 


Mission edition view

A mission can be edited by entering the mission edition view (edit.png). In this section, the user can modify any of the mission parameters and boundaries and can also access additional functionalities such as File import and Split mission.

Mission edition can be accessed both from an existing mission, or by creating a new mission. In the case of new missions, a default mission will be created on the current map center, while in the case of existing missions, the current mission extension will be represented.


Mission geometry

It is the representation of the geospatial components of the mission on the map:

  1. Boundaries: external limits of the mapping are. They can be modified with the different controls available:
    • Add vertex: add a new vertex. Only for grid missions
    • Move vertex: dragging and dropping an existing vertex. 
    • Remove vertex: a vertex can be removed by dragging and dropping a vertex over an adjacent one. Only for grid missions.
    • Move mission: the mission can be moved by dragging and dropping the move icon at a different position on the map.
  2. Flight path: is the representation of the drone's flying trajectory during the mission. It contains the Start and End labels that represent the start and end points of the mission. The flight path is represented with a white line. 

Settings panel 

It contains all the different settings that can be modified for a mission and additional information about the flight characteristics:

  1. Mission title: at the top section, the mission name is displayed together with the current status and mission type. 
  2. Mission summary: contains information about the resulting mission parameters such as area, ground sampling distance (GSD), etc. Mission summary also contains the buttons to access File import and Split mission.
  3. Mission settings: it contains the different parameters that can be modified for the current mission. The number of parameters available will vary depending on the mission type. 
    • Drone and camera selection
    • Parameters: allows modifying mission parameters such as flight height, front/side overlap, etc. 
Note: To open and fly a planned mission, please go to PIX4Dcapture Pro app and import the desired plan.


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