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This article goes step by step through the process of Mission management using Mission Planner. 

Mission list 

Missions are the essential components of the plans. The first view will display the list of missions available by entering a plan. The missions will also be represented on the map with the coverage of the flight.

The mission list contains all the different plans and some basic information, such as: 

  1. Mission name: name of the mission.
  2. Type: the type of mission (Cylinder, Grid, or Orbit mission).
  3. Date creation: date of mission creation.
  4. Date update: date of the last modification of mission.


Create new mission 

Clicking on the New mission button opens a new dialog to set the new mission creation options: mission name, drone model, camera model, and mission type. Once these options are set, the user will be redirected to the mission edition view (Mission edition - Mission Planner). 



Every row contains a section that enables the execution of different actions by clicking on themore_vertical.pngicon: 

  1. Duplicate mission: by duplicating a mission it will be copied inside the current plan with the same parameters.
  2. Rename mission: rename the mission.
  3. Delete mission: deletes the mission.

Or the edit.pngicon:

  1. Edit mission: access to the mission edition view (Mission edition - Mission Planner).
Note: To open and fly a planned mission, please go to PIX4Dcapture Pro app and import the desired plan.


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