How to visualize a site localization project on PIX4Dcloud


PIX4Dcloud and PIX4Dcloud Advanced allow processing projects uploaded from PIX4Dcatch with a custom coordinate system defined by the user. This article explains the visualization of a Site Localization project on PIX4Dcloud.

Information: The visualization of a Site Localization project is limited to projects uploaded directly from PIX4Dcatch to PIX4Dcloud. For more information about processing a Site Localization project, Site Localization - PIX4Dcatch.

Once the project has been processed, it is possible to view it in PIX4Dcloud. There are some differences in the user interface with respect to a standard project:

  • Site Localization tag [1]: The tag added on the 2D/3D view indicates that the project is processed with a site localization file defining the custom coordinate system.
  • Localization Points layer [2]: It contains all the points that were used to compute the Site Localization
  • Download WTK string file [3]: Allows to download a file that defines the custom coordinate system. The file can also be imported into PIX4Dmatic for processing projects. 
  • Site localization point: By clicking on each point, the following information is displayed: 
    • Local coordinates [4]: Refers to point measure in the custom coordinate system defined by the user.
    • Global coordinate [5]: Coordinates of the point of the selected global coordinate system in PIX4Dcatch + viDoc. 
    • Residuals [6]: Residuals of the transformation from a global to a custom coordinate system at that point.
  • Coordinate system switcher [7]: It shows the name of the custom coordinate system given on PIX4Dcatch + viDoc.


Visualization of a Site Localization project on PIX4Dcloud.

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