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Once the device has been connected to the viDoc RTK rover, it is ready to capture a project. Capturing a good dataset is important for the success of the project. This article will guide towards better practices while capturing a project.

The RTK dialog

Once the viDoc RTK rover is successfully connected to PIX4Dcatch, wait for RTK fixed. The number in the upper left indicates the number of satellites used in the connection. For an optimal experience, make sure the antenna is not obstructed and that you have a good internet connection.

Example: After RTK fixed is established, the Horizontal Accuracy and Vertical Accuracy are in the range of a few centimeters. In ideal conditions, the values are close to 0.01m/0.03ft.


PIX4Dcatch RTK dialog.

The accuracy values can vary and depend on multiple factors, for example:

  • Blocked and reflected GNSS signal, close to buildings, trees, or bridges.
  • Rapid movements of the device.
  • Poor cellular reception.

For more information: GNSS and viDoc RTK rover best practices.

Capture a project

For more information on Processing projects - PIX4Dcatch with viDoc RTK rover.
For more information on How to export PIX4Dcatch projects (iOS/Android) to process or save locally.

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