Mounting a device to the viDoc RTK rover


It is important to mount the device to the viDoc RTK rover correctly to ensure accurate results. There are two ways to mount the device depending on the viDoc RTK rover being used.

Mount a device to the viDoc RTK rover

There are two versions of the viDoc RTK rover. One is for smartphones and requires an SP connect case to mount, while the other is for tablets and has a mechanical clamp for mounting to the tablet.

Note: SP-connect cases can be obtained when purchasing the viDoc RTK rover. They can also be purchased directly from SP-connect and most electronic, bicycle, and motorcycle shops. Refer to the manufacturer's mounting instructions for further details when mounting for the first time.
If an Android device does not have a custom case available, the SP-Connect universal mount can be used.
Important: When purchasing an SP-connect case for iPhone/iPad, please prefer the SPC version over the SPC Plus. SP-connect Plus cases have an incompatible mount.
Important: For some combination of devices and viDoc RTK rover, there is a need to measure the offset and set it in PIX4Dcatch manually.
For more information: How to measure the offset - PIX4Dcatch with viDoc RTK rover.

Smartphone model

First, insert the phone into its compatible SP-connect case. Then, mount the case to the rover by following the instructions provided with the SP-connect case.


Be careful to properly align the mount with the case before twisting.

Important: Ensure proper orientation of the mobile device after mounting it to the viDoc RTK rover with the antenna pointing up.
Device type Orientation
iPhone Portrait
iPad Landscape
Android Portrait

Tablet model

Loosen the screw on the bottom of the viDoc, and carefully insert the tablet into the clamp. The iPad has magnets that allow you to center the viDoc. Tighten the screw to hold the tablet secure. Please ensure that the tablet is in landscape mode.


Be careful to avoid side buttons when mounting the tablet.

Now, with the device securely mounted: Connect PIX4Dcatch to the viDoc RTK rover.

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