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What to do in case of a service incident - FAQ

This article answers some of the most common questions that can arise during a service incident and explains which procedure is followed by Pix4D during such an event.

What is a service incident?

A service incident is an unplanned service interruption or a reduction in service quality. In the Pix4D ecosystem, this generally refers to an interruption to Pix4D cloud platform services, affecting mainly Pix4D cloud-based solutions. Still, in some cases, the degradation of the service can impact partial or integral functionalities of other Pix4D products too.

Which Pix4D components can be affected?

Incidents may differ from one another. An incident to the cloud platform service can potentially affect the following Pix4D components/products:

  • Processing infrastructures: server clusters for cloud processing located in different countries. Issues affecting these components and resolution times depend on the service provider (AWS). Issues with this component affect PIX4Dcloud, PIX4Dinspect, and PIX4Dengine Cloud API processing capability.
  • Licensing system: Pix4D licensing system, developed and maintained by Pix4D. Issues with this component affect the login capabilities of all Pix4D products.
  • PIX4Dcloud / PIX4Dcloud Advanced. Issues with this component affect the PIX4Dcloud / PIX4Dcloud Advanced user interface.
  • PIX4Dengine Cloud API. Issues with this component affect the PIX4Dengine Cloud API and uploading to / downloading from Pix4D cloud platforms.
  • PIX4Dinspect. Issues with this component affect the PIX4Dinspect user interface.
  • PIX4Dcatch. The login, other functionalities of PIX4Dcatch, or the upload to Pix4D cloud platforms are degraded.
  • PIX4Dmapper. The login and uploading capabilities to Pix4D cloud platforms can be degraded.
  • PIX4Dfields. The login and the Share to PIX4Dcloud feature can be degraded.
  • PIX4Dmatic. The login and the Share to PIX4Dcloud feature can be degraded.
  • PIX4Dreact. The login and the Share to PIX4Dcloud feature can be degraded.
  • PIX4Dsurvey. The login and the Share to PIX4Dcloud feature can be degraded.

There is a service incident while I am processing a project on a Pix4D cloud platform or generated via the PIX4Dengine Cloud API. What happens to my project?

If the product you are using (PIX4Dcloud, PIX4Dinspect, PIX4Dcatch or PIX4Dengine Cloud API) or the processing infrastructure you have set up in your account is affected by the incident, your project can end up in error.

There is a service incident while I am working on a project on a Pix4D desktop application. What happens to it?

If these conditions apply:

  • You are using Pix4D desktop software, for example, PIX4Dmapper, PIX4Dfields, or PIX4Dsurvey.
  • The incident affects the licensing system.
  • You are trying to open the Pix4D software with a specific license.

You might have trouble and find it impossible to open the software with your license because the software cannot connect to the server and check the validity of your license.

If instead:

  • The incident happened after you already had the software open and logged into it.

You can continue processing and/or making edits to your desktop projects, as usual. However:

  • Export or saving capabilities might be temporarily unavailable.
  • You might not be able to use the Share to PIX4Dcloud feature or a similar uploading feature if the PIX4Dengine Cloud API is affected by the incident.

How to know which cloud processing infrastructure I am on?

The processing cluster location can be checked on the Account page. For more information: Where are my datasets processed and stored - PIX4Dcloud, Where are my datasets processed and stored - PIX4Dinspect.

Am I notified when the issue is resolved?

Following the incident status, you will be notified when the incident is resolved.

How can I follow the incident status?

  1. On the Pix4D service status page, on the top right, click SUBSCRIBE TO UPDATES.
  2. Choose your preferred notification channel and provide your contact details.

Pix4D will notify you via the specified method and contact details whenever there are updates to the incident status (the incident is resolved, there is a new incident, etc.).

Which actions should I take after the incident is resolved?

If your cloud project errored during the incident timeframe, Pix4D will reprocess your project when the service is operational again. An e-mail is sent for all projects being reprocessed.

You don't need to reprocess the project yourself.

Am I charged for reprocessing a cloud project that errored during an incident?

No, Pix4D reprocesses your project for free.

My cloud project is still in Error status after the incident was resolved and after the project was reprocessed. Why is that?

If your cloud project still has an error after the incident was resolved and Pix4D reprocessed it, the error is likely not due to the incident but to other reasons. Consult the online documentation or contact Pix4D support for clarifications.