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This article explains how to upload outputs from PIX4Dmapper to PIX4Dcloud using the PIX4Dconnector desktop application once PIX4Dmapper locally generates them.

Access: The feature is accessible for:
  • Users that belong to an organization that owns a PIX4Dcloud or PIX4Dcloud Advanced license. For more information: Organization Support.
    • Only users with Owner, Manager, or Editor roles can upload outputs to PIX4Dcloud/ PIX4Dcloud Advanced by using the PIX4Dconnector.
  • Users that don't belong to an organization with an active PIX4Dcloud, or PIX4Dcloud Advanced license.

Outputs types

The following outputs can be uploaded:

  • Orthomosaic.
  • DSM.
  • Point Cloud.
  • 3D Mesh.
  • Multispectral Index.
  • Contour lines.* It can be uploaded but not visualized on the 2D/3D viewer.
  • The DTM and the log file cannot be imported.
  • The virtual inspector is not available for those projects in which the images and the Camera Internals and Externals, AAT, BBA have not been uploaded.
  • The following processing option is recommended to be enabled when processing the project if the virtual inspector tool needs to be used in PIX4Dcloud afterwards:
  • The following processing options are recommended to be enabled when processing the project in PIX4Dmapper, since only one output file type can be imported into PIX4Dcloud:

Upload outputs from PIX4Dconnector to PIX4Dcloud

To upload outputs, perform the following steps:

  1. Install the PIX4Dconnector. The installer can be accessed here.
  2. Launch the PIX4Dconnector.
  3. Create a new project upload by:
    • Dragging and dropping the .p4d file, or
    • Clicking on Select from disk. For this option, navigate on your PC to the .p4d file path.

      Home page visualization of the PIX4Dconnector.

  4. Select a product for a new upload:
    • Click PIX4Dcloud to upload the project to the PIX4Dconnector.
  5. Log in with your Pix4D credentials.
  6. Select the desired outputs uploaded to PIX4Dcloud in the Upload settings window. One or more outputs can be selected at the same time.

    Upload settings windows on the PIX4Dconnector.

  7. Select Upload.
  8. The upload status is visible on the home page.

    Upload project status visualization on the PIX4Dconnector.

  9. An email is sent to the user account once the postprocessing of the project is complete. 
    • Click on Access your project.
  10. (Optional) Other options for accessing the project are:
    • Clicking the project thumbnail on the PIX4Dconnector, or
    • By logging in to the PIX4Dcloud page: cloud.pix4d.com.
Important: A warning message appears on the Upload settings window if the PIX4Dconnector doesn't automatically locate the project images. Uploading the images isn't mandatory.

PIX4Dconnector settings

To access the PIX4Dconnector settings, click on the User name icon, on the top right corner of the app.

From here is possible to manage the following information:

  • Log in into the App.
  • Logout of the App.
  • Plan & License: Direct link to the User License Management portal.
  • Account Settings: Direct link to the User account settings.
  • Support: Directly link to the Pix4D Support page.
  • Community: Directly link to the Pix4D Community page.


PIX4Dconnector settings.

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