Display issues when using Windows Remote Access



Blank window during project creation.


When using Windows Remote Access some display issues can occur even when GPU drivers are updated on the local machine running PIX4Dmapper. 


The reason is that Windows Remote Access will by default use OpenGL 1.0 rather than the required minimum OpenGL 3.x.


For systems with an Nvidia GPU, a new tool is available from Nvidia which allows Windows Remote Desktop to use an updated version of OpenGL. The OpenGL RDP tool is available for download from the NVIDIA RDP Tool Link. Nvidia requires a free account to be set up in order to access the tool.

On the computer running PIX4Dmapper, follow the link above to the Nvidia website to set up a developer account. After setting up the account click the NVIDIA RDP Tool Link again to start the download of the .EXE installer. On the system running PIX4Dmapper, run the .EXE installer as administrator to complete the update. 

This should now allow Windows Remote Access to use OpenGL 3.x and up after a system reboot.

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