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PIX4Dsurvey allows to visualize point clouds and vectors in a section along a specific profile showing its cross-section.

Access: In the Status center, select elevation profile Profile from the drop-down menu drop down.
  • If the Status center is not visible, it can be activated on the Menu bar by selecting View > Control Panels > Status center.
  • To expand the Status Center, click Expand.
  • To collapse the Status Center, click collapse.

How to draw a straight profile and view a section of the project

To draw a profile in your project and view its section, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate in the 3D view until the right position for the vertical section creation is found.
  2. If elevation profile Profile is already selected in the Status center, expand it using the expand button Expand.
  3. If bookmark Bookmarks is selected in the Status center, select elevation profile Profile from the drop-down menu drop down. This way the Status center will expand automatically.
  4. Click the Draw profile button and then create a line for the creation of the straight profile by clicking on the 3D view. The first click defines the start of the profile and the second one defines the end of the profile.
  5. A cross-section appears in the expanded Status center. The start of the profile is shown on the left while the end is shown on the right. The section will show the active point clouds and vector layers intersecting an imaginary vertical plane along the profile line.
Tip: It is possible to digitize objects directly in the profile section in the status center.
Use the mouse scroll wheel or pinch zoom on the trackpad to zoom into the section.
Click and drag with the mouse cursor to pan within the section.
Important: Profiles cannot be saved.

How to change the settings of the profile

The visualization settings of the section can be modified by expanding the Profile tab in the Status center and selecting the desired values.

  • Width [units]: This value is defined by the length of the profile line projected on a horizontal plane and can't be modified.
  • Depth [units]: This value determines the depth of an imaginary box having the profile vertical plane as a side. All points from a point cloud and all vectors present in this box are shown in the section. The minimum value is 0.1 m or 0.1 ft. The default value is 0.3 m or 1 ft.
  • Height [units]: This value determines the vertical height of the profile. The minimum height is defined by the difference in altitude between the start and end points of the profile

Profile Section PIX4Dsurvey

The profile line, the cross-section, and the status center within the PIX4Dsurvey interface.


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