Checklist - PIX4Dscan


This checklist aims at providing an overview of the necessary equipment and the setup for planning a well-organized drone mission with PIX4Dscan. 





  • Pix4D account.
  • Pix4D software valid license (any valid Pix4D license will give you access to PIX4Dscan).
  • PIX4Dinspect valid license (to enable Cell tower asset missions in PIX4Dscan) .
  • PIX4Dscan App installed on your mobile device (Download it here: App Store, or Google Play).
  • Latest operating system for the mobile device.
  • Latest versions of PIX4Dscan and drone vendor application (turn on automatic update).
  • Latest firmware versions (drone; remote controller; camera).
Note: A 15-day trial giving access to all the features can be started in PIX4Dscan.


  • Drone (no damages).
  • Remote controller (charged).
  • Camera (if swappable payloads)
  • Mobile device (if applicable).
  • Drone batteries (charged).
  • Drone propellers (and some replacements)
  • Cable to connect remote controller and mobile device (if applicable).
  • SD card with sufficient storage (if applicable)
Important: to avoid unexpected behaviors and long waiting time on the field, it is highly recommended checking for updates at home with a good internet connectivity.
Note: Supported drones, cameras and controllers lists hardware compatibility with PIX4Dscan.


  • Install drone propellers, battery and SD card (if applicable).
  • Remove camera blocking systems (if applicable). 
  • Power ON remote controller and drone.
  • Connect mobile device to the remote controller using the correct cable (if applicable).
  • Launch the drone manufacturer application:
    • Perform any needed calibration (compass/IMU/camera).
    • Setup advanced safety settings such as obstacle avoidance.
  • Force to quit the drone manufacturer application to avoid conflicts with PIX4Dscan.
  • Open the PIX4Dscan application:
    • Log in with the Pix4D user account credentials (internet connection required).
    • Select your drone model.
    • Set the safety and security settings.
Important: the very first connection to the drone has to be done with the drone manufacturer application before using PIX4Dscan. Once the drone is configured and all the sensors are successfully calibrated (gimbal, compass, and IMU calibration), the PIX4Dscan app can be used
Note: the WiFi or Internet connection is for Log-In purposes only. Once you are logged in, the Internet connection is not needed anymore. But if the plan is to fly without an internet connection, the following steps need to be performed before going to the field. More information here: Offline basemaps and missions. 
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