Organization Support and User Management


The Enterprise User Management allows a company to centralize the information and manage the access rights to licenses, cloud projects, sites, and assets generated by the employees based on their roles inside the organization.


The Organization Support and User Management feature allows Pix4D users to work within an organization environment with an assigned role.

Pix4D desktop licenses, cloud licenses (PIX4Dcloud and PIX4Dinspect) and allowance, PIX4Dcloud projects and sites, PIX4Dinspect projects and assets do not belong to an individual user anymore but to an organization, and access with different rights to them can be managed by the Organization Owner.

The current state of this feature allows:

  • Organization support:
    • An organization can have several users.
      • They can all use the licenses of the organizations they belong to (if the role allows so).
      • They can all work on the same PIX4Dcloud or PIX4Dinspect Drive.
    • A user can belong to more than one organization and can have different roles for each of them.
  • User Management:
    • Owners and Managers can invite users to the organization and assign different roles.
    • A member of an organization can leave at any time.


Term Definition
Organization An Organization is used to manage a set of one or more Users together. It typically represents a company typically. At least, one User at least must be the Owner of the organization.
User A Pix4D user account usually corresponds to a physical person. Users are authenticated to the platform using a unique email and a password or a client ID and secret ID (for users with a PIX4Dengine cloud license).
Resource It refers to a PIX4Dcloud or PIX4Dinspect project, a PIX4Dcloud site or PIX4Dinspect asset, or to a Folder.
Project A Project is the standard set of inputs representing a single unit processed by an engine to produce a view (with outputs). It only applies to PIX4Dcloud, PIX4Dcloud Advanced, and PIX4Dinspect.
Site A Site represents a group of projects whose inputs are usually captured in the same place and can be visualized in a Timeline. It only applies to PIX4Dcloud Advanced.
Asset An Asset represents a group of projects whose inputs are usually captured in the same place. It only applies to PIX4Dinspect.
Folder A Folder is a simple container to regroup PIX4Dcloud projects, PIX4Dcloud sites, or other Folders.


The current state comprises different roles at the organization level:

  • Owner: Full access to resources and licenses and can manage users and billings.
  • Manager: Full access to resources and licenses and can manage users.
  • Editor: Full access to resources and licenses.
  • Reader: Can view resources and can only access cloud licenses.
Information: In the current state, the roles apply at an organization level, e.g., a user who is a Reader will have read rights for all of the PIX4Dcloud projects the organization has. Inspections and measurements are allowed for that user, but they will not be saved (read-only mode).

How to create an organization

Information: The functionality is under development.

Currently, requests for new organizations need to go through the Pix4D sales team. Please contact sales if you are an existing company with several users and you would like them to share licenses, PIX4Dcloud, and PIX4Dinspect assets, projects, and sites.

An Owner will also be assigned to the new Organization.

How to manage an Organization and its Users

Access: Only a User with a Manager or an Owner role can manage an Organization. Managing an Organization includes updating company details and managing User access.
  1. Log in to with the Pix4D credentials.
    Your organizations section contains all the Organizations the User belongs to.
  2. Click Manage [1] or use the switcher [2] at the top left corner, then select the Organization settings to access the desired Organization settings.
  3.  On the top right, select Home to overview the Organization's legal and company information and to manage the Organization's members and access. 

How to edit the legal information

Only a User with an Owner role can manage an Organization.

  1. Use the switcher to choose the desired Organization.
  2. On the top left, click Organization settings.
  3. Select the tab My Organization.
  4. Edit the Legal contact information.

How to invite Users to the Organization

Only Owners and Managers are allowed to invite new Users to an Organization.

  1. Use the switcher to choose the desired Organization.
  2. Click Manage People.
    It is possible to see already existing Users, their name, role, and the status of their invitation.
  3. On the top right, click Invite people and include the name and the role of the Users to invite to the organization. The role can be changed after the invitation is sent by a Manager or an Owner.
  4. The invited Users will get an email to accept the invitation.
Warning: In this current state, users cannot be removed from an organization. However, a User can leave an Organization.

How to buy licenses on behalf of the Organization

Information: This functionality is under development.

Please contact Sales if you want to buy licenses on behalf of an organization. For now, e-commerce purchases are not supported.

How to manage the personal user

  1. Log in to with your Pix4D credentials.
  2. On the Personal space view, the Organizations your User belongs is visible.
    Access to personal account settings and your privacy and data is also possible.

How to see and modify the personal information

  1. Log in to with your Pix4D credentials.
  2. From the user menu, click Account Settings:
  3. See or modify your personal data:
    1. Default organization: It determines the default organization the User will work on in the case the User belongs to more than one.
      1. When logging in to a desktop application, the user is only be able to select the licenses coming from the preferred organization.
      2. When uploading projects from PIX4Dcatch to the cloud, the project is uploaded to the Organization's Drive selected as the default organization.
    2. Cluster location: It defines where the PIX4Dcloud or PIX4Dinspect projects are processed and where the data is stored. For more information: Where are my datasets processed and stored - PIX4Dcloud.

How to see and modify the privacy data

  1. Click Privacy and data:
  2. See or modify the privacy data.
  3. Click Save.
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