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PIX4Dconnector allows users to upload input images and outputs from projects already processed in PIX4Dmapper to PIX4Dinspect, taking advantage of and combining each product's potential to obtain more complete results.

For example, with PIX4Dmapper, the user can create a customized project using Control Points to obtain a more accurate point cloud. With PIX4Dinspect, the user can run the algorithms for Antenna and Rust detection.  

Important notes

  • Images should be uploaded to fulfill inspection needs. PIX4Dinspect image compatibility requirements also apply to images uploaded through the Connector. For more information: FAQ - PIX4Dinspect , Inputs - PIX4Dinspect , and Specifications of xmp.camera tags
  • The .las point cloud needs to be generated in PIX4Dmapper.
  • The Output Coordinate System has to be a UTM projected WGS84 coordinate system (WGS84 / UTM Zone XX).
  • These processing options have to be selected in PIX4Dmapper when processing the project locally:
    • 1. Initial Processing > Calibration tab > Export Camera Internals and Externals, AAT, BBA.
    • 2. Point Cloud and Mesh > Point Cloud tab > Export LAS and Merge Tiles into One File.2__1_.png

How to use PIX4Dconnector

Select the PIX4Dmapper project file

  1. Install the PIX4Dconnector. The installer can be accessed here.
  2. Launch the PIX4Dconnector.
  3. Create a new project upload by:
    • Dragging and dropping the .p4d file, or
    • Clicking on Select from disk. For this option, navigate on your PC to the .p4d file pathUpload_outputs_PIX4Dconnector.jpg

Define the project details

  1. Select PIX4Dinspect as the product for a new project upload.
  2. Give the project a name.
  3. The project's folder Path displays the location of the PIX4Dmapper project file. The Coordinate system of the project is also displayed.
  4. Required files are listed.
  5. Optionally, it is possible to select different additional outputs (mesh, DSM, and orthomosaic) for their upload.
  6. Click Next to confirm.
Important: If the images are not automatically located, the Connector asks to upload them before continuing. 


Log in

If not logged in already, login is requested at this stage. The option Create new Pix4D account allows one to sign up if needed.

After entering the Pix4D credentials (Email and password), click Log in.


Select the Asset type

  1. From the drop-down list, select the asset type for the project . Alternatively, look for the asset type by typing its name on the search bar.
  2. Once the asset type is selected, all the asset settings are retrieved from PIX4Dinspect. Select the Artificial intelligence plugins to be applied to the project.
  3. Click Upload


Wait for the results

  1. A new project is added to the main Connector's dashboard.
  2. A notification is sent via e-mail once the results are ready on PIX4Dinspect. 


Settings and Support

  1. At the top right corner of the PIX4Dconnector dashboard, tap the user icon.
  2. After successful login, links to the Plan & license, Account settings, Support, and Community are available.


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