Stitching artifacts - PIX4Dfields

This article discusses the causes of artifacts in orthomosaics, when processing multispectral or RGB images.

Graphic card drivers issue

This is a common problem. The artifacts look really strange. Many colors are present, and it's a combination of big and small squares, images are scrambled, looking like a Picasso painting. 

Example artifacts: 

image-20240207-091921   image-20240228-113329

This is commonly related to outdated graphic card drivers.To solve this: 

  • Update graphic card drivers.

  • After updating drivers and restarting the device, process the imagery again.

  • If the problem persists, import the imagery again and disable GPU acceleration under Advanced settings - Processing options.

Color balance 

Different colors between images can generate "Honey comb" effect:
To solve this issue and improving the color transitions in the orthomosaic:

Insuficcient overlap

When overlap is insuficcient, processing may fail or artifacts can occur in the orthomosaic.


Make sure overlap is more than 70% for both side and frontal overlap.