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A valid PIX4Dreact Support & Upgrades gives access to personal technical support as well as to new PIX4Dreact versions as soon as they are released.

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If Support and Upgrades have not expired yet

  1. From the PIX4Dcloud page, log in with the credentials of the PIX4D account associated with the license.
  2. In the top right corner, click the user icon to open the user menu.
  3. Select Plans and products.


    Select Plans and products from the user tab.

  4. Go to the tab of Licenses, and click Manage licenses.

    Pix4D Manage License Tab

    Select Manage licenses from the Licenses section.

  5. Go to the panel of the licenses, and next to Support & Upgrades, click Extend now.

If Support and Upgrades have expired

If Support and Upgrades have expired please contact sales for more information on reinstatement.



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