How to check the activity list in PIX4Dengine Cloud


The activity list contains the details of the projects processed through a PIX4Dengine license. This includes, for example, the number of projects, the project size, time per project, etc.

Access: The processing activity can be accessed from the Plans and Products page.
Note: The procedure to retrieve the processing activity information described in this article is the same for PIX4Dengine Cloud API and PIX4Dengine SDK licenses.

To access the processing activity list:

1. Open a web browser and access

2. Login with the Pix4D credentials.

3. On the top right, click the user icon.

4. From the user menu, click Plans and Products.

Pix4D plans products user tab

Select Plans and products from the user tab.

5. Go to the tab of Licenses, and click Manage licenses.

Pix4D manage license tab

Select Manage licenses from the Licenses section.

6. Go to the PIX4Dengine license, and click See all the activity.

PIX4Dengine processing activity panel

Click See all activity to see the activity list in PIX4Dengline.

 (Optional) It is possible to filter the processing activity list by:

  • Status: Success, Failure, Cancelled, or Crash
  • Month
  • Year
Example: If Status: Success, Month: 1, and Year 2022 are selected, then the activity list will display all the successful projects of January 2022.

PIX4Dengine processing activity list

Processing activity list panel.

7. (Optional) Click on CSV (.csv format) or Excel (.xlsx format) icons to download the activity list in the corresponding format. 

Note: The download of the activity list will not be done automatically. An email with an attached zip file containing the activity list will be sent to the Pix4D account's email address.
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