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The status center allows tracking notifications and progress reports of different processing steps. It also gives access to the Profile View and Videos & views tabs.

How to access the status center in PIX4Dsurvey

  1. In the Menu bar click in View > Control Panels > Status center
  2. In the 3D view, the status center shows as a panel divided into three tabs:
    • On the left, the Console tab [1].
    • In the center, the Profile View tab [2].
    • On the right, the Videos & views tab [3].

PIX4Dsurvey Status Center

Status center in PIX4Dsurvey.


The status center can be collapsed to allow better workspace usage in the 3D view. 

  • To expand the Status Center, click Expand.
  • To collapse the Status Center click  collapse.

Console tab

The main goal of the console panel is to track and show the progress of the actions and processes performed in the project. By default, the panel is collapsed and shows only the latest activity. By expanding the console panel it is possible to see the complete list of activities. 

There are  5 levels of status that can appear in the console panel:

  • successful process Successful item: process/action is successful
  • warning process Warning item: cautionary advice
  • error process Error item: an error occurred during the processing
  • information process Information item: an action is taking place (e.g., reading a file, loading a file, etc.)
  • cancel Canceled items: action is canceled

Profile View tab

The Profile View tab elevation profile allows the visualization of the point clouds and vectors in a section along a specific profile showing its cross-section.

For more information: Profile View - PIX4Dsurvey

Videos & views tab

The main goal of the Videos & views tab PIX4Dsurvey Video is to help navigate the project, easily pass from one view to another by saving camera views for a later revisit, and create a video connecting all created camera views.

For more information: Videos & views - PIX4Dsurvey.

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