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Bookmarks allow saving a particular 3D location and camera orientation of the current view. This feature can be useful in many contexts when there is a need for a later revisit or to show particular areas. 

Information: Starting with PIX4Dsurvey version 1.53.0, the Bookmarks feature has been replaced by Videos & views. The views works in the same way as bookmarks, but using the video feature, it is possible to create a video animation between different views (bookmarks).

How to create a Bookmark in PIX4Dsurvey

  1. Navigate in the 3D view until you find a position that you want to save for a later visit.
  2. Click the bookmark icon bookmark.png or use the Ctrl+B shortcut. Alternatively, from the expanded Status Center in the Bookmarks tab click Bookmark current view.
  3. The Bookmark with his thumbnail is created and appears in the Status Center.
  4. (Optional) Add a Name and a Description to your Bookmark.
  5. Each new bookmark is stored as a thumbnail on the right of the previously stored bookmark.
  6. Each bookmark is represented as a virtual camera with a given position and orientation. These cameras can be shown in the 3D space by enabling the bookmarks in the Project Settings. The size of the camera can also be changed.

How to visit a saved bookmark in PIX4Dsurvey

  1. Expand the Bookmarks tab in the Status Center.
  2. Hover with your cursor over the thumbnail and click on Visit.
  3. Alternatively, it is possible to click with the secondary button of your mouse on the bookmark and select Visit bookmark.

Bookmarks and viewport layouts in PIX4Dsurvey

The Bookmarks feature can be used in combination with multiple viewports. To enable multiple viewports, please visit the Project Settings help page.

Create a Bookmark from a specific viewport

  1. Click on the viewport you want to use to create the bookmark in order to select it.
  2. Create a Bookmark as explained in How to create a Bookmark in PIX4Dsurvey.
  3. The bookmark with the view of the selected viewport is added to the Bookmarks tab in the Status Center.

Visit a Bookmark in a specific viewport

  1. Click on the viewport where you want your bookmark to be visited in order to select it.
  2. Open the Bookmarks tab in the Status center and visit a bookmark as explained in How to visit a saved bookmark.
  3. The Bookmark will be visited in the viewport selected in the first step.

Bookmarks tab in the Status Center in PIX4Dsurvey

  • If the Status center is not visible, it can be activated on the Menu bar by selecting View > Control Panels > Status center.
  • All saved bookmarks will be accessible from the Bookmarks tab in the Status center.
  • To expand the Status Center, click Expand.png.
  • To collapse the Status Center, click  collapse.png.
  • If elevation_profile-16.png Profile is selected, click on the drop-downdrop_down.png menu to select bookmark.png Bookmarks.


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