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PIX4Dsurvey allows adding individual markers directly from images. This is especially useful when features are not reconstructed in the dense point cloud. Once the markers are created they can be used to create polylines, polygons, or even catenaries.

Access: Click Add Marker Vector__1_.png [1] in the Image panel or use shortcut Shift + M.

To vectorize from images:

  1. In the Image panel, click Add Marker Vector__1_.png [1].
  2. Click the feature on the first image [2a]. A yellow cross appears.
  3. Click the same feature on the second image [2b]. The position of the marker is projected on the rest of the images with a circle.
  4. (Optional) Continue marking the feature on additional images.
  5. (Optional) Click ESC button to exit the vectorization.
  6. (Optional) To remove an individual mark, right-click on the image with mark and click Delete mark [3].
  7. Press Enter to finish and accept the edits.


The yellow cross represents the position where the marker was manually placed. After placing the marker in at least two in the project a circle that shows the reprojection in the rest of images appears. 

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