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The automated object detection algorithm detects manholes and drains from images.

Access: This feature is available only for projects processed in PIX4Dmapper or PIX4Dmatic. Images need to be available for the algorithm to run. 
Note: The automatic objects detection can take several minutes to several hours, depending on the project's size and used hardware.

To run the automatic feature extractions:

  • Click Automatic feature extraction PIX4Dsurvey_automatic_detection_icon.png.
  • Select the object:
    • Manholes.
    • Drains.
  • Click Detect object.
Tip: To improve the quality of the automatic detection run the terrain filter first. Then the detection will be applied only to terrain points.
Tip: The processing speed can be improved by allowing PIX4Dsurvey to use a discrete graphics card. For more information: How to set PIX4Dsurvey to use a discrete graphic card (Windows 10).

Once the automatic feature extraction is completed objects are available in new layers in the Content - Layers panel and it is possible to visualize them in the project.


The red markers represent drains and the blue markers represent manholes. If needed, the position of each automatically detected feature can be refined in the 3D or 2D view. Layer properties.

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