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Save project

When a project containing at least a partially flown mission is exited from the project panel, it will be saved in the project list. To exit the project, click on the cross cancel.png at the top-right corner of the project panel.


Project list

The project list can be accessed from the map view (or alternatively the flight view) by tapping on folder.png.


The projects are ordered chronologically in the list (most recent projects appearing first). Each project entry provides some insights into the type of mission it contains and the media (number of images or videos).
One or several projects can be selected from the list and deleted upon confirmation. When tapping on a project, the project details are accessed.


Project details

All the details regarding a specific project and its missions are contained in the project details. One can find information regarding:

  • Project outputs: number of images or videos, size of the media.
  • Project type: project with the asset or generic mission types.
  • Project location: latitude and longitude.
  • Point of interest information (if the project with Cell tower asset).
  • Mission list: 
    • Mission outputs: number of images or videos.
    • Mission types.
    • Mission status: complete or incomplete.
    • Mission settings: height, n° of images etc.
    • Map view: flight plan and flight trace of each mission.

Cell tower asset - project details


Generic missions - project details



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