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  • Click Process processing_options.png.
  • On the Menu bar, click Process > Mesh...

It allows users to change the following processing options:

Important: At the moment, the Mesh cannot be visualized directly in PIX4Dmatic, but it can be uploaded to PIX4Dcloud, for visualization. For more: How to upload or replace results to PIX4Dcloud. Other third-party software can also be used to view the mesh. For example, Windows 3D Viewer, Meshlab, Global Mapper, Rhino, 3ds Max, 3DBuilder, or Autodesk Maya.

Input (Optional)

Important: This option is only enabled in project acquired with PIX4Dcatch that contain LiDAR data.

It allows users to select the input point cloud for the Mesh generation. The following options are available:

  • Dense point cloud (default): The point cloud generated from images during the Densify step.
  • Depth point cloud: The point cloud generated from LiDAR depth maps.
  • Depth & dense fusion: The point cloud that present a fusion of the dense and depth point cloud. 

Texture size

Texture Size (1024x1024 - 32768x32768 pixels, default 8192x8192 pixels): Parameter used to define the resolution of the texture of the Mesh.


Decimation (1.000.000 default): The maximum number of triangles in the final Mesh. The number will depend on the geometry and the size of the project.

Note: For projects that are not very large, it may be that the resulting number of triangles is lower than the maximum set up in the options. The maximum will only be reached if the project is large and could create a model with more triangles.
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