How to buy a subscription plan product when a cancellation is pending


This article explains how to purchase a new or different subscription product after the cancellation of a subscription product has been requested and is still pending.

After cancelling a plan, the product(s) present in the plan will be removed from it on the subscription ending date and no charges will then be made for renewing those products. Until that date, the cancellation remains in a pending status.

While a cancellation is pending, it is still possible to purchase a new or different product by following the steps described here.

  1. Go to your Subscription plan page.
  2. In the section My Plan, click Manage Plan.manage_plan_with_cancellation_pending.jpg
  3. Click Keep Plan and confirm your choice to temporarily reactivate the old plan.
  4. First check the new product(s) you want to include in your new subscription plan. Then uncheck the product(s) you previously had.Update_plan.jpg
    A prorated charge will be calculated for the new selected product(s) and the current billing period.
  5. Click Update now to confirm the changes and proceed to the check-out page.
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