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This article explains how to set up and export a custom PDF report in PIX4Dfields.

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Important: The settings for the custom PDF can be found in the dashboard Setting.jpg Settings
The PDF report is exported from inside an opened project.

Set credentials (name, address, email)

To set a name, address, and email for a customized PDF:

  1. On the dashboard click setting icon Settings, and click on Customize PDF report
  2. Fill in a name, address, email, and phone into the respective fields.

customized pdf setting

Customize PDF report menu.

Note: Not all fields are required. Empty fields will not be displayed in a customized PDF.

Set a logo for a custom PDF

Click on Add logo to upload a .jpg image as a logo inside a customized PDF report.

add logo to PDF

Customize PDF report menu.

Note: A square image no larger than 1MB in data size is recommended. Larger images lead to larger PDF file sizes.

Export customized PDF report

To export your customized PDF report:

  1. Inside an opened project, click Export.
  2. Select PDF report.
  3. Fill in a Report title, choose which layers will appear under Select layers, and add a Description if needed.
  4. If logo and company information needs to be added select Custom PDF.
  5. Click Continue.

pdf export menu

PDF report menu.

6. The color of the annotations, the basemap, and the format could be selected. 

pdf export menu

PDF report menu.

7. Click Export

Example of a custom PDF

PDF report example

Customized title, logo, description, and company information.


PDF report example

Annotations preview.


PDF report example

Annotations description and the sum of areas.


PDF report example

Zoomed annotations, name and area.

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