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Current Version 1.4.0

Version Release date Release type
1.4.0 October 4th, 2021 Updates, Bug fixes


Version 1.4.0

What's new

  • Show Imperial or Metric units based on the system locale
  • When upload fails, a dialog explaining the reason appears

Bug fixes

  • Fix crashes when sending app to background
  • Fix issue of not showing the Delete button when multiple projects are selected
  • Fix crashes when exporting data while the device is low on resources

Versions 1.3.0

Version Release date Release type
1.3.0 August 25th, 2021 Updates, Bug fixes


Version 1.3.0

What's new

  • Display the PIX4Dcloud processed 3D-model in the project 3D-view
  • Ability to save logs, rename & delete a project from the detailed view
  • Display the percentage towards completion when uploading to PIX4Dcloud

Bug fixes

  • Fix issue of having corrupted images on some devices
  • Fix issue of showing the wrong image after selection
  • Show live preview data after it was hidden
  • Fix occasional crashes while saving and opening projects

Versions 1.2.0

Version Release date Release type
1.2.0 August 4th, 2021 Updates, Improvements


Version 1.2.0

What's new

  • Live -preview:
    • Show 3D preview of the scene captured in real-time
    • Show the location of images in the live preview
    • Toggle between a top view and synchronized camera views Visualize & export the 3D model
    • 3D view in the project details that render the depth points & the images
    • Export the point cloud in PLY format
  • Other updates:
    • Display information, storage used & maps of the project

Bug fixes

  • Solved corrupted zipped files for large capture
  • Solved lagging in overlap trigger mode

Versions 1.1.0

Version Release date Release type
1.1.4 July 20th, 2021 Updates
1.1.3 May 12th, 2021 Updates, Bug fixes
1.1.2 May 3rd, 2021 Updates, Bug fixes
1.1.1 April 12th, 2021 Bug fixes
1.1.0 March 29th, 2021 Updates, Improvements


Version 1.1.4

What's new

  • The ability for any PIX4D account user to export a project to a photogrammetry software such as PIX4Dmatic


Version 1.1.3

What's new

  • Ability to view, pan, and zoom images in the detailed project view
  • Ability to delete images
  • Ability to show image information
  • Default trigger setting is set to 90% overlap
  • Reframing of the text in the upload dialog to make it more understandable
  • Ability to receive notifications

Bug fixes

  • Fixed crash when accepting permissions at the first start of the app
  • Fixed autofocus option not being applied


Version 1.1.2

What's new

  • Ability to change a project name on save
  • Ability to cancel a current capture session

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue of not able to download the app from play store, on many devices, due to depth API support


Version 1.1.1

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue of not being able to create a trial license for some users
  • Fixed issue of having incorrect altitude in some image metadata


Version 1.1.0

What's new

  • Ability to choose image overlap trigger from the settings during data capture
  • Enhanced visualization technique to improve the experience of data capture
  • More feature points are shown during data capture
  • Ability to filter projects by the mean of tabs in the projects view
  • Ability to save log files from the projects view

Bugs fixes

  • Fixed crash when getting network state on Galaxy tab
  • Fixed issue when exporting projects on Xiaomi
  • Fixed issue of login to PIX4D from Chrome browser

Versions 1.0.0

Version Release date Release type
1.0.3 March 8th, 2021 Bug fixes
1.0.2 March 4th, 2021 New, bugs fixes
1.0.1 Feb 3rd, 2021 Bugs fixes
1.0.0 Feb 2nd, 2021 Initial release


Version 1.0.3

Bug fixes

  • Add a check if "Google Play Services for AR" is not installed and redirect to Google Play Store for installation


Version 1.0.2

What's new

  • Ability to select multiple projects to discard them
  • Ability to rename projects
  • Ability to export a project while offline
  • Automatic selection of a newly created site
  • Other minor improvements to the user interface

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issues when performing volume calculations for high-resolution GSDs
  • Fixed an issue where project files were uploaded multiple times
  • Fixed the ability to re-upload a project when it is deleted on PIX4Dcloud
  • Fixed crash at startup when GPS is updating


Version 1.0.1

What's new

  • Bug fixes


Version 1.0.0

PIX4Dcatch is the tool for acquiring optimal ground images for photogrammetry. These ground images can be used to get highly accurate 3D models on or offline within PIX4Dmapper (free 15-day trial available, then a valid subscription is required).

No need to be an expert. Walk around your area of interest and the app will record pictures along the way, together with GPS positions. Images can be uploaded to PIX4Dcloud for the fast generation of scaled and georeferenced 3D models and point clouds that you can visualize, measure, share, and export. Or they can be exported locally for processing in PIX4Dmapper.



  1.  Scan: Walk around the area of interest. PIX4Dcatch automatically records geotagged frames and displays on your screen real-time 3D meshing for scene completion feedback.
  2. Upload: Stop recording and automatically upload images to PIX4Dcloud to generate accurate and easy to share 3D models (requires a PIX4Dcloud subscription - free 15 day trial available).
  3. Export: Or export: transfer the images from your device to your desktop computer and start the photogrammetry process, add GCPs and validate the accuracy of your 3D scene with PIX4Dmapper (requires a PIX4Dmapper subscription-free 15-day trial available)
  4. Examine: Measure distances, areas, and volumes, and perform virtual inspections.
  5. Share: Selectively and securely share project data and insights with your team, clients, and suppliers. Devices compatibility: 

Device compatibility: 

  • All ARCore enabled devices.

Usage information

  • Ensure the app is up to date. Upload the images to PIX4Dcloud to generate, visualize, measure, and share your 3D model.
  • PIX4D accepts no liability for damage, injuries, or legalities from the misuse of this app. Use only in safe environments.
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