The PIX4Dcloud Advanced timeline allows you to easily analyze the progress of your site visually by switching from one dataset to another. The timeline shows the date that each dataset represents.

Access: From the Drive, click Open on one of the sites. The timeline appears at the top of the project page.
Important: The timeline is not available for a dataset that is not assigned to a site. More information on how to assign a dataset to a site here.

PIX4Dcloud Advanced automatically assigns a date and a time to a dataset according to when it was uploaded to the Drive. In the timeline, datasets that belong to the same site are displayed chronologically from left to right. To edit the capture date:

  1. In the project page, click Change capture date.
  2. In the pop-up, select a new capture date and a new capture time.
  3. Click Save.

To navigate through the timeline:

  • Scroll the mouse wheel up or down.
  • Click and drag.

The thumbnail of the project displayed in the 2D/3D view is highlighted in blue.


Click the thumbnail of another dataset to switch to it. When switching from one dataset to another one with the timeline:

  • The same view and vantage point are preserved.
  • If in the 2D view, the same zoom level is maintained.

Take advantage of additional PIX4Dcloud Advanced functionalities to analyze and track the site. For more information see 2D Comparison on PIX4Dcloud Advanced and Compare volumes on PIX4Dcloud Advanced.

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