How to process the Pix4Dcatch project with the depth information


Pix4Dcatch uses the LiDAR to capture the depth information of the surrounding during the image acquisition.  The LiDAR points will compensate for the lack of 3D points over reflective and low texture surfaces. This helps to generate a complete reconstructed model and also helps to generate a more accurately scaled model.

Upload the project with the depth information

Important: The option to upload the depth information is only available on the devices (Apple iPad Pro 2020, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max) with the LiDAR. The project has to be uploaded to Pix4Dcloud for processing with the depth information and the images. Pix4Dmapper will not use depth information while processing.

1. In the Home screen, tap folder icon Pix4Dcatch folder icon, and select the project. 

2.Tap on the project to process. A different view appears with the images. 

3. Tap  Pix4Dcat upload icon . Then, a new upload dialog box appears with the uploading options. Select the Process with LiDAR option and click on Upload.

Note: The option to process with depth information is available on the latest iOS version 14.0 or higher.


In order to process the dataset with LiDAR, check the Process with Depth (beta), and click Upload.

Warning: Generate DSM and Orthomosaic are not available while processing the project with the LiDAR data.

4. An email is sent when all images are uploaded and processing begins.
5. A second email is sent when processing is finished.
6. After the processing is finished, the results can be viewed and shared on Pix4Dcloud.

Disclaimer: The above workflow is in the beta stage. For any issue, post it on our community page



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  • Dennis Grabowski

    will there also be depth information for the processing in Pix4D Mapper in the future?

  • Kapil (Pix4D)

    Hello Dennis, 

    Pix4Dmapper doesn't support processing with the depth infromation and it is currently not in our pipeline to support it. If things change, we will publish it on our release note.

    At the moment, you have to upload the project to the Pix4Dcloud directly from the Pix4Dcatch app to use the depth information while processing.  

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