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The Color selection tool selects points based on their color, a color tolerance, and a radius.


Using the Color select tool all the blue points are selected.

  • In the Selection tool drop-down menu, click PIX4Dmatic_color_selection_icon.png Color selection, or
  • Use the Shift + C shortcut.

To use the tool:

  • Select the Color selection tool [1].
  • Click on a point in the dense point cloud.
    Tip: The color of the selected point is the base for the algorithm. Make sure it represents the area you want to select.
  • Adjust the Tolerance [2]:
    •  A lower Tolerance value narrows down the colors for selection. Only point that have a similar color than the selected point are detected.
    • A higher Tolerance value extends the color range that is included in the final selection. 
  • Adjust the Radius [3]. It represent the distance from the clicked point.
    Note: Once the point is selected, the adjustments in Tolerance [2] and Radius [3] are visible interactively.
  • Once you are satisfied with the selection, right-click in the 3D view [4] to:
    • Delete points, or
    • Assign points to the desired class. 


The selected point can be either deleted or assigned to the desired class. 

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