How to set up the Proxy Server Configuration in PIX4Dsurvey


Local networks protected by proxies can cause issues with detecting licenses. A warning No license available is displayed. If a proxy server is used to connect to the Internet, enter the proxy settings, following:

Access: On the Menu bar, click Edit > Preferences > Network.
  1. In the Proxy configuration dialog, select:
    • No Proxy (default): If proxy is not used.
    • Use system proxy: If the proxy settings are configured in the operating system.
    • Manual proxy configuration:
      Tip: Ask your system administrator for the configuration information. Each proxy requires a Proxy host and a Proxy port.
      • Select the Protocol (http, https, socks4, or socks5).
      • Enter the Proxy host.
      • Enter the Proxy port
      • (Optional) Enter the Proxy user name and Proxy Password.
  2. Click Save.


    The Network tab of preference settings. 

Note: All settings besides the Proxy user name and Proxy password are stored and automatically loaded when reopening the software. The Proxy user name and Proxy password need to be entered every time PIX4Dsurvey is started.
Information: When Use system proxy option is selected:
  • (Windows) The proxy settings set on the registry with the proxycfg.exe tool are respected. If those settings are not found, this function will attempt to obtain Internet Explorer's settings and use them.
  • (macOS) This function will obtain the proxy settings using the SystemConfiguration framework from Apple.

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