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The following list contains a sample of supported cameras in Pix4Dreact. To see the complete database (includes more cameras than the ones specified on the table below), please download this file: Camera database of Pix4Dreact.

Note: If the camera is not listed in the article, check the camera and its parameters in the Pix4Dreact camera database. If the camera parameters are the same as the ones in the database, Pix4Dreact will be able to read the images. If the camera is not listed in the article, but it is in the camera database, it is recommended to test processing the images in Pix4Dreact using the trial version of the software.
Manufacturer Camera Syntax
DJI Mavic Air FC2103_4.5_4056x3040
Mavic Pro FC220_4.7_4000x3000
Mavic 2 Pro L1D-20c_10.3_5472x3648
Mavic Enterprise Dual FC2403_4.5_4056x3040
Phantom 3 FC300C_3.6_4000x3000
Phantom 3 Advanced FC300S_3.6_4000x3000
Phantom 3 Professional FC300X_3.6_4000x3000
Phantom 4 FC330_3.6_4000x3000
Zenmuse X3 FC350_3.6_4000x3000
Zenmuse X5 FC550_DJIMFT15mmF1.7ASPH_15.0_4608x3456
Phantom 4 Pro FC6310_8.8_5472x3648
Phantom 4 RTK FC6310R_8.8_5472x3648
Phantom 4 Pro V2 FC6310S_8.8_5472x3648
Zenmuse X4S FC6510_8.8_5472x3648
Zenmuse X5S FC6520_DJIMFT15mmF1.7ASPH_15.0_5280x3956
Parrot Anafi Anafi_4.0_5344x4016
Anafi Thermal (RGB only) AnafiThermal_4.0_5344x4016
senseFly  Aeria X senseFlyAeriaX_18.5_6000x4000
S.O.D.A. S.O.D.A._10.6_5472x3648
Sony  Cyber-shot DSC-RX1RM2 DSC-RX1RM2_35.0_7952x5304
Autel Evo Autel Evo I XB015_3.2_4000x3000
Autel Evo II XT701_4.7_7680x4320
Autel Evo II Pro 6K XT705_10.6_5472x3648
Autel Evo II Dual RGB XT706_4.7_4000x3000
Skydio Skydio 2 2_3.7_4056x3040
Example of a camera parameters in the database: 33MP image captured with a Autel Evo II 8K using 4.87mm focal length:

 <camera name="XT701_4.7_7680x4320">
        <band name="Red" centralWaveLength="660" width="0" weight="0.2126"/>
       <band name="Green" centralWaveLength="550" width="0" weight="0.7152"/>
       <band name="Blue" centralWaveLength="470" width="0" weight="0.0722"/>

Note: If an RGB camera is not supported in Pix4Dreact, it is possible to process the dataset if a file with the internal camera parameters is provided. For more information: User-provided camera parameter file for Pix4Dreact.
Note: For further technical assistance, contact the Support Team  here
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  • Unidad de Drones (UAS) Bomberos Ayto Zaragoza

    Buenas noches, queria preguntarles si se piensa incorporar las camaras del mavic 2 enterprise zoom y el mavic mini???


    Good evening, I wanted to ask you if you plan to incorporate the cameras of the mavic 2 enterprise zoom and the mavic mini ???

  • Fernanda Bosmediano



    Mavic Mini está en nuestra base de datos con la siguiente resolución FC7203_4.5_4000x2250. La resolución original estará en nuestra próxima versión de Pix4Dreact. Sin embargo imágenes de ambas cámaras (Mavic 2 enterprise zoom y mavic mini) pueden procesarse con un archivo XML. Por favor envíenos un ticket a soporte técnico o escribanos en la comunidad y podemos adjuntar los archivos para que usted pueda procesar las imágenes.  En su email puede adjuntar 5-10 imágenes. 


    Saludos cordiales, 


    Edited by Fernanda Bosmediano
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