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The status of a project is important to understand which part of the processing has already been completed and which actions are available to the user, accordingly.

The status is visible from the Assets list of the Dashboard or inside the project above the 2D/3D view and can assume one of the following values:

  • Sudbtle3.png: the project has been created, and the number indicates how many steps and/or requested outputs have been completed (e.g., 0/5). 
  • Sudbtle.png: something didn't run as expected in one of the steps. 
  • Sudbtle1.png: the project is completed, and all the requested outputs are generated and available.
  • Group_119.png 
  • completederror.png
  • Sudbtle4.png
Important: If the processing results in Group_119.png, completederror.png, or Sudbtle4.png, clicking the status will provide information about the possible reasons, links to Support documentation, and links to get in contact with Pix4D Support if needed. 

At any point in the process, clicking the status will provide the user with more insights about the general status of the project, including the ongoing progress of each processing step and/or requested outputs, and how many have been completed:

  • Image upload: it refers to the uploading of the images to the PIX4Dinspect project. 
  • Processing: it refers to the processing of the images to generate the intelligent digital twin. 
  • Tower inventory AI/Rust AI: it refers to the AI plugins detecting the tower antennas and/or rust on the structure (only if requested). 

And every step and/or requested output can assume one of the following colors:

  • Grey: Has not started processing (e.g., TagAndBadge.png ).
  • Blue: Is being processed (e.g., TagAndBadge__3_.png ).
  • Green: Processing has been completed (e.g., TagAndBadge__1_.png ).
  • Red: Processing results on error or has been aborted (e.g., TagAndBadge__2_.png ).

Additionally, the automatic email notification is triggered and forwarded to notify the user about the status of the project.

  • The first email notification is forwarded when the project has been successfully created and is ready for processing
  • The second email notification is forwarded for either of the below cases.
    • When the project is processed successfully (status “Completed”).
    • When the project had an error while processing (status “Error”).
    • When the project had an error while uploading (status “Error”). 
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