What is the status of my inspection

The status of an inspection is important to understand which part of the processing has already been completed and which actions are available to the user, accordingly.

The status can assume one of the following values:

  • New: the inspection has been created and the images are being uploaded to the server.
  • Processing: the project is processing the requested outputs but the images are already available in the Image viewer to be inspected and annotated. The inspection can already be opened at this stage.
  • Recognizing antennas: the requested photogrammetric outputs have been generated and can be visualized in the 2D/3D views together with the images. The AI algorithm is running to detect antennas.
  • Completed: all the requested outputs are generated and available.
  • Error: there was an error during the processing. More information in: Error status for inspections.

The status of an inspection is visible from the Assets list of the Dashboard or inside the inspection project above the 2D/3D view.

Hovering the mouse over the status will provide the user with more insights about it.

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