Pix4Dfields Support & Upgrade

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Data sync for OTC licenses

Warning: OTC licenses include one year of support and upgrades, as well as data sync functionality. After one year, if support does not upgrade, then data sync will not be available.

Data sync allows you to share data across multiple devices using Pix4Dfields with multiple devices or using Pix4Dfields and ParrotFields (part of the Parrot Bluegrass Fields bundle. For more information: Data sync

Using data sync, you can connect a John Deere Operations Center account with Pix4Dfields so that you can seamlessly upload the maps directly into your farm/field operation. For more information: How to connect to John Deere Operations Center

Note: For non-perpetual licenses, Pix4DSupport and Upgrade as well as data sync are valid throughout the purchased period.

How to renew Support and Updates

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