Important information: discontinuation of the Data Sync feature


Support and functionality of the Data Sync feature will end after PIX4Dfields 1.10

As we continue to invest in the future of PIX4Dfields we have made the decision to end the support and availability of our Data Sync feature. This means that the next release of PIX4Dfields after 1.10.x will no longer contain the Data Sync feature. For users who continue to use older versions of the software, the feature will no longer function. It is recommended to update to the latest version to avoid additional technical issues. We are rolling out our new sharing tool - “Share to PIX4Dcloud” which offers the ability to upload orthomosaics, digital surface models, and index maps to PIX4Dcloud and from here share your projects with non-Pix4D users.

Important: If you currently use the Data Sync feature as part of your workflow, please ensure you take action to save any data not locally stored before the next release of PIX4Dfields. This includes downloading and saving locally any project that says “Download” beside the project tile on the dashboard screen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The FAQ below is designed to answer any questions you may have. If you cannot find the answer to your question please contact support.

What is the Data Sync and how am I affected?

Data Sync allows users to upload a project and then download it again using the same user account on another device. Additionally, it was used by the ParrotFields app to sync from tablet to PIX4Dfields desktop (legacy support).

I don’t use the Data Sync feature, do I need to do anything?

No, you can follow the advice in “Can I turn the feature off?” until we remove the feature entirely with an update.

Where is this feature located?

On the PIX4Dfields dashboard beside a project, there is an “Upload” blue box, additionally, there is a refresh icon in the top right corner of the application.


Can I turn the feature off?

Yes. To avoid using it by mistake ahead of the feature’s removal you can click the Settings icon and toggle off Synchronization. Please note that this will not remove any projects you previously synchronized.

I uploaded data via the data sync feature, how can I retrieve it?

We recommend retrieving data before the feature is removed. To download an uploaded project which is no longer stored locally, click the green “Download” box beside the project. If you use grouping (e.g. Farm, Client) you can download a whole group of projects by clicking the Cloud icon with the downwards facing arrow located to the right-hand side of your project grouping.

What happens if I want to download a project after the feature has been removed?

For paying customers we will retain the data for 3 months after removing the Data Sync feature. At this time you would need to contact Support for assistance. Please note the best way to save any uploaded data will be to download it before the changes occur. Pix4D cannot guarantee all data will be retrievable after the services are shut down.

I am a ParrotFields user. How does this affect me?

As previously communicated, PIX4Dfields to ParrotFields Data Sync no longer works. From the point of our next PIX4Dfields release, the feature will stop working entirely. The final release of ParrotFields was v1.4 which will not be updated. Please contact Support for any specific queries or Parrot regarding hardware issues.

Why are you turning off Data Sync?

Since launching the feature the technology used has become outdated and does not support our plans to expand our sharing capabilities for users. We have also learned that sharing with others rather than between your own machines is the main benefit to our users. As a result, we will replace the feature with “Share to PIX4Dcloud”. This will improve sharing possibilities and allow us to continue investing in the product’s future features.

Is there an alternative to Data Sync?

Yes, as of PIX4Dfields 1.10 we launched Share to PIX4Dcloud. Currently, it is a beta feature but we will expand its functionality very soon.

I don’t have enough space on my local machine to store all of my projects currently saved via Data Sync, what can I do?

You can upload these to PIX4Dcloud for safe storing via our new Share to PIX4Dcloud feature. Once uploaded you can select to share the project link publicly or keep it private for only you to see the data.

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