Pix4Dmatic's main inputs are images and text files with ground control points coordinates.


Pix4Dmatic is based on image processing and is optimized for corridors and large datasets of more than 5000 images taken with nadir or slightly oblique (required 0° - 45°, recommended 10° - 35°) camera positions.

For more information about the supported cameras: Which cameras are supported in Pix4Dmatic.

Extension Description
.jpg, .jpeg JPEG images
Note: Pix4Dmatic automatically detects geolocation information in the EXIF of the images. Importing image geolocation using .csv or .txt files is currently not supported.

Ground Control Points (GCPs) file

Ground Control Points (GCPs) are used for precisely georeferencing the project.

Extension Description
.csv, .txt A text file containing four or six columns per line and a comma (,) to separate the values.
  • Four columns: ID and coordinates
  • Six columns: ID, coordinates, Accuracy Horz, and Accuracy Vert

For more information and all formats see GCPs import format articles.

Example: GCPs in projected coordinates with accuracy values:

label,X [units],Y [units],z [units],Accuracy Horz [units],Accuracy Vert [units]


GCPs marks file

GCPs marks can be imported if they were previously marked and exported in Pix4Dmapper or Pix4Dmatic project. 

Extension Description
.csv, .txt A text file containing positions of marks on individual images.

For more information see How to import GCP marks from Pix4Dmapper into Pix4Dmatic article.

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  • OEM-reseller Sci.Aero

    Importing geolocations from .txt or .csv is an extremely important feature to introduce, can someone provide any indication of when this will be added?

  • Blaž (Pix4D)


    At the moment all the information (geolocation and angles) need to be written directly in the EXIF file. However, the .csv or .txt file import for geolocation and IMU data is planned for the beginning of next year.



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