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Adjust and customize features within the PIX4Dcatch app using the Settings dialog. While it is strongly recommended to leave the default Device Pose and Image Overlap settings, there are several other features to consider allowing customization and improved workflows.

Access: Tap the settings button button to access the Settings menu.




Device Pose: Images are triggered based on the movement and rotation of the device.

  • Distance: Triggers when the device moves more than the selected distance. The default value is 10 cm and the distance can be set between 1 cm to 100cm.
  • Angle: Triggers when the device has rotated more than selected degrees. The default value is 20° and it varies between 1° and 45°.

Toggle to use overlap to trigger image capture. Only one method is active at a time. The default triggering is based on the device pose.

Image Overlap: Images are triggered based on the image overlap.

  • Overlap: Triggers when overlap goes below the selected value. The default overlap is 90%, and the overlap percentage ranges between 70% and 99%.

Advanced Settings




  • (Android, iOS) Shown Cameras: Display the camera indicator (image pyramid) for each captured photo.
  • (Android, iOS) Show Feature Points: Display the feature points as detected by the device. More feature points mean better accuracy.
  • (Android, iOS) Warning Sounds: Receive audible warnings during capture.
  • (iOS) Enable Mesh: Generates a Mesh from LiDAR depth data. Available only for devices with LiDAR.
  • (iOS) Save Mesh: Save the Mesh OBJ file for export.
  • (iOS) Show Overlap: Colors the mesh to show the achieved overlap. Available only for devices with LiDAR.
  • (iOS) Mesh | Wireframe: Display the mesh or cameras as wireframes.
  • (iOS) Show Movement Path: Display the points that show the movement of the device throughout the capture session.

MESH COLOR: Allows to adjust the color of the mesh and/or the camera indicators based on the below color bands. The value ranges from 0 to 1. 

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Opacity


  • (Android, iOS) Auto Focus: Sets the camera settings as an auto focus.
  • (iOS) Skip Low Quality ImagesWill perform some checks if the device is moving too fast and will not take photos. A warning message is shown on the screen during the capture.
  • (iOS) Save Video: A video of the capture session is saved.


 Reset all settings to defaults.

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  • Stéphane ROC

    Is there a way to chose the picture's resolution?

    I took picture with an iPhone 12 Pro and the maximum image file is 1Mo. How can I increase the quality?

  • George Brown


    Due to the technology we are using for Pix4Dcatch, the resolution is limited by the device hardware and manufacturer provided SDKs, currently the resolution cannot be increased.

    Kind Regards

    George Brown

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