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Access: On the top bar, tap mceclip0.png .




Toggle for how to trigger the image capture. Only one is active at a time. The default triggering is based on the device pose.

Device Pose: Images are triggered based on the movement and rotation of the device.

  • Distance: Triggers when the device moves more than the selected distance. The default value is 10 cm and the distance can be set between 1 cm to 100cm.
  • Angle: Triggers when the device has rotated more than selected degrees. The default value is 20° and it varies between 1° and 45°.

Image Overlap: Images are triggered based on the image overlap.

  • Overlap: Triggers when overlap goes below the selected value. The default overlap is 95% and the overlap percentage ranges between 75% and 99%.

Advanced Settings




  • Show Overlap: Colors the mesh to show the achieved overlap. Available only for the device with LiDAR.
  • Mesh | Wireframe: Display the mesh or cameras as wireframes.
  • Shown Cameras: Display the camera indicator (image pyramid) for each captured photo.
  • Show Movement Path: Display the points that show the movement of the device throughout the capture session.
  • Show Feature Points: Display the feature points as detected by the device. More feature points mean better accuracy.

MESH COLOR: Allows to adjust the color of the mesh and/or the camera indicators based on the below color bands. The value ranges from 0 to 1. 

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Alpha


  • Skip Low Quality ImagesWill perform some checks if the device is moving too fast and will not take photos. A warning message is shown on the screen during the capture.
  • Save Video: A video of the capture session is saved.


 Reset all settings to defaults.

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