What to do if the upload gets interrupted - PIX4Dinspect

Certain measures are essential to ensure the uploading stage is fulfilled successfully after the project has been created.

Warning: Never reload/refresh the browser while the files are uploading. Reloading/refreshing interrupts the upload and a new project needs to be created. Also quitting the Pix4Dinspect tab of the browser interrupts the upload.

Under one of the following conditions, the upload gets paused:

  • There is an Internet connection interruption (change of wifi network, internet provider interruption, etc...).
  • The computer enters the Sleep mode.
  • The SD card where the images are stored is disconnected from the uploading device.

As soon as the reason leading to the pausing of the uploading process is away, the image uploader should automatically take-over and continue with the uploading process. The only action needed from the user is to ensure the three above conditions are no more satisfied.

Tip: Staying on the Pix4Dinspect tab of the browser is recommended for a faster upload. Not having the Pix4Dinspect tab as the currently selected tab can increase the upload time.