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Manual counts using multi-point annotations- PIX4Dfields

This article introduces multi-point annotations. It allows to manually count plants, trees, and objects and classify them by color.

How to access multi-point annotations 

  1. Click the Annotations icon.
  2. Click the Count icon.
  3. Start clicking/counting the objects. 
  4. Once finished counting, change the color if needed and click Accept.
  5. Name the layer and Save.
  6. At the right-hand side menu, there will be a count per color.

Counting corn and estimating plants per hectare

It is highly beneficial to count corn from drone images between the V2 and V4 growth stages and estimate plants per hectare using the manual counting tool.
This method enhances accuracy and efficiency in crop monitoring, enabling early detection of issues such as uneven germination and other problems.
Leveraging drone technology allows for the quick survey of vast areas, providing comprehensive and precise data that ground field inspections would miss. 

  1. Create sample line annotations with the desired length.
  2. Count the plants along those lines.
    1. In this case, we detected 11, 13, and 17 plants. The average is 13.66 every 2 meters,  6.83 per meter.
    2. Distance between rows 0.7 meters.
    3. 10000 mts (1 hectare) / 0.7 meters = 14285.7 meters of rows. 
    4. Estimated Plant / hectare:  14285.7 x 6.83 = 97571 plants


Plant counting in an orchard

Some applications require a manual counting of orchards like insurance appraisal. 

Use the Counting tool to have a very accurate number of plants per parcel/field.


Tip: If the plantation is under a "traditional" layout with sufficient space, the Magic tool can help to do Plant assessment and plant counting.