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Get started with real data

Explore Pix4Dreact’s functionalities by downloading an example project for free*.

Using real data demonstrates what Pix4Dreact can do and will help you understand what is needed when collecting your own images.

Currently, the example project Belleview Avenue is available for download (see section below).

Important: *This dataset may only be used for personal or professional training. For commercial or promotional use, “Courtesy of Pix4D / pix4d.com” must be displayed and all the text linked to pix4d.com. For more information on usage, contact our marketing team.

LOGO_KB_Demo_Projects_React.pngPix4Dreact example projects

Belleview Avenue download dataset

The goal of this project is to generate a map of a residential area using the Parrot Anafi drone.
General project information
Location Colorado (USA)
Average Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) 2.64 cm / 1.04 in
Area covered 0.12 km2 / 11.86 ha / 0.05 sq mi
Output coordinate system WGS84 / Universal Transverse Mercator zone 13N
Image acquisition
UAV Parrot Anafi
Image acquisition plan 1 flight, grid flight plan
Camera Anafi 4K 1.5.6
Dataset size 208 MB
Number of images 38
Image width 5344 pixels
Image height 4016 pixels
Image geolocation coordinate system WGS84
Download the example project

The example project can be downloaded here.

After downloading the zip archive, this needs to be unzipped. The folder contains images in JPG format.


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