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The outputs of the PIX4Dinspect project consist of Intelligent Digital twin and of post-processing results, such as reports.

Intelligent Digital twin

3D Model

Extension Description
.las 3D Model file. (For Cell Tower assets) The downloaded 3D Model is the clipped 3D Model if the clipping radius was specified in the Options while creating the new project.

Textured 3D Model

Extension Description
.obj Textured 3D Model file. This output is available for all the asset types except Cell towers and Transmission towers. 

Elevation map

Extension Description
.tif Elevation map file.

Image map

Extension Description
.tif Image map file.
Note: The output coordinate system of the output results, annotation, and report are in WGS84.

Post-processing results


Extension Description
.json Json file containing information about the process.
.pdf Pdf report.

More information on reports in Reports.

Outputs can be exported on a local device. More information on how to export outputs in: Export.

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