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The geolocation services of a tablet device work independently to an Internet connection. Pix4Dscan can be used offline with base maps following a specific workflow, which is especially useful when scanning in remote locations.

It is important to be aware that an Internet connection is required to be able to cache map tiles in order to see the Map view during the missions in the field.

To fly without the Internet in the field, the following procedure is recommended:

1. Open PIX4Dscan in advance with an Internet connection.

1.1. Turn on the Internet connection.
1.2. Open the app and log in if requested.
1.3. In the Dashboard, connect the drone to the app and tap Start flight.
1.4. In the Map view, either in the Street or Satellite style, focus on the area of interest.

Tip: To make it efficient:
  • Move all around the flight to load the surrounding tiles.
  • Repeat these actions at different zoom levels. For a high level of zoom make sure to cover the area below the flight.
  • Wait a bit between each move to make sure the tiles are loaded properly.

1.5. Leave the app with the Home button of the tablet or the mobile device, without exiting it.

Important: At this stage, it is very important not to quit the app and not to log out from the application otherwise an Internet connection is required to be able to log in. 

2. Fly the mission without an Internet connection.

2.1. Activate the device geolocation services.
2.2. Open the app.
2.3 Connect your drone.
2.4 Select the mission and fly.

Having followed these steps, the background maps of the Map view will be available without any Internet connection in the areas where they have been cached.

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