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This article goes step by step through the process of creating a new inspection in Pix4Dinspect.

An inspection is a cloud-based project that belongs to an asset and allows generating photogrammetric outputs, visualize them in 2D and 3D, inspect the reconstructed models and annotate images for collaboration.

Inspection creation

1. At the top left of the Dashboard, click add.png and select New Inspection.
2. The window Create New Inspection appears.
3. Assign the new inspection to an asset choosing one of the following options:

  • Select an existing asset to which the new inspection should belong from the drop-down list or from the map.
  • Create a new asset. A detailed explanation here.

4. Click Next.

Inputs selection

Inputs can be added via drag and drop or selected from the disk.

Drag and drop input files

  1. Drag and drop the input files on the screen.
  2. (Optional) More input files can be added if needed.
  3. Click Next.

Select from Disk

  1. Click Select from Disk.
  2. (Optional) More input files can be added if needed.
  3. Click Next.
Important: Input files accepted by Pix4Dinspect are described in Inputs.
Note: Input files can be individually deleted, deleted in bulk and new ones can be added anytime before clicking Upload.


Different options are available to define the photogrammetric outputs and to activate the artificial intelligence algorithms for antenna detection.

  • Photogrammetric outputs: select this option to generate all the following photogrammetric outputs
    • Point cloud
    • 3D Mesh (for Cell Tower assets the 3D Mesh is not generated)
    • Orthomosaic
    • DSM
  • Clipping area: defines the radius of the circle outside of which the Point Cloud will be cut. The center of the circular area is the center of the cell tower, which is estimated through a density structure analysis.
Note: The clipping area is available only for Cell Tower assets and if photogrammetric outputs is checked.
Note: The clipping area only affects the point cloud. It does not affect any other photogrammetric output.
  • Antenna recognition: select this option to run antenna recognition algorithm to obtain antennas' location, dimensions and orientation. More information in: Antenna tool.
Note: Antenna recognition is available only if photogrammetric outputs is checked.
Important: The antenna recognition algorithm can only run if the Data privacy preferences allow Pix4D algorithms to learn and improve from the project details.

The user can navigate between the different steps by clicking Previous and Next

To start generating the outputs, click Upload.

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