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This article goes step by step through the process of creating a new asset in Pix4Dinspect.

An asset is a collection of cloud-based projects, called inspections, that allow generating photogrammetric outputs, visualize them in 2D and 3D, inspect the reconstructed models and annotate images for collaboration.

Access the New Asset wizard

There are two ways to access the New Asset wizard.

  • Before creating an inspection: at the top left of the dashboard, click add.png and select New Asset.
  • While creating a new inspection, whose asset has not been created in advance. 

Define the Asset's properties

Define the asset's properties in the New Asset wizard.

  • Coordinates: WGS84 (EPSG:4326) coordinates that identify the location of the asset.
    The coordinates can be defined by:
    • Manually inserting them in the Coordinates field, with the format [latitude, longitude] in degrees.
    • Selecting the asset's location on the map. The address of the location can be inserted in the search bar for faster focusing on the map.
Note: The coordinates of the asset do not have any influence on the processing. They can be edited at any time from the dashboard.
  • Asset name: univocal name given to the asset.
  • Asset type: category of the asset. Available options are:
    • Cell tower (for inspection-telecom licenses only, contact sales for more information)
    • Building
    • Bridge
    • Cooling tower
    • Energy utility
    • Other
Warning: The asset type cannot be changed after the asset has been created.
  • (Optional) Description: short description of the asset.

Finalize the asset creation

Click Save to finalize the asset creation.

The asset is now created and visible on the dashboard. Inspections can be added to the asset.

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