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Using real data demonstrates what Pix4D software can do and will help you understand what’s needed when collecting your own data.

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Pix4Dsurvey example projects

Combination of Pix4Dmapper project and terrestrial laser scans

The goal of this project is:

  • Use the project processed in Pix4Dmapper and vectorize it in Pix4Dsurvey.
  • Use a combination of photogrammetry and a terrestrial laser scanner.
  • Organize the vectorized objects in layers.
General project information
Location Switzerland
Average Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) 2.39 cm / 0.94 in
Area covered 0.0441 km2 / 4.41 ha / 0.017 sq. mi. / 10.90 acres
Output coordinate system CH1903+ / LV95
Vertical Coordinate System: Geoid Height Above Bessel 1841 Ellipsoid = 0 meters
Image acquisition
UAV eBee X (senseFly)
Image acquisition plan 2 flight, single grid flight plan
Camera Sensefly S.O.D.A
Number of images 101
Image size 5472x3648
Image geolocation coordinate system WGS84
Terrestrial laser scans
Laser scanner Leica ScanStation P40
Number of scans¹ 2
Number of points² 3,549,517 - Bridge
5,327,201 - Village
Laser point cloud coordinate system CH1903+ / LV95, Bessel 1841 Ellipsoid
¹ In total 12 laser scan stations were used to fully capture 2 scenes and to generate 2 final point clouds.
² The number of points after cleaning the point cloud and reducing the resolution of the point cloud.
Download project files

The dataset can be downloaded here (1.6 GB).

The downloaded compressed .zip file contains the following files and folders:

  • imagesRGB images in JPG format
  • pointclouds: point clouds in a Pix4Dsurvey point cloud format (.bpc).
  • Pix4Dsurvey_Demo_Rivaz.p4s: Pix4Dsurvey project file.
Open the .p4s Pix4Dsurvey project file

This section describes how to open the .p4s project to set it up for vectorization.

Access: To download Pix4Dsurvey click here.
  1. Open Pix4Dsurvey.
  2. Drag and drop Pix4Dsurvey_Demo_Rivaz.p4s on the screen. More options in the Project management article.

Once the import is completed both the point clouds and calibrated images will be displayed. You are ready to start vectorizing the project.

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