Custom basemaps

Custom basemaps

Pix4Dreact allows the user to use its standard basemap and to add a different basemap by connecting to a tile service.

Default Basemap provider

In Pix4Dreact, the standard Basemap provider is MapBox.

Changing the Basemap provider

To add a custom Basemap provider:

1. In the Dashboard screen, click SETTINGS.
2. In the APP SETTINGS section, click Basemaps.

3. Select Your custom basemap.
4. Type or paste the URL for the map service. 


Supported arguments

Note:  Generally, the URL has this format:{z}/{y}/{x}.  For more information:  Tiled web map.

The table below describes the arguments supported on Pix4Dreact:

Arguments Description


X position of tile

{y} or {-y} Y position of the tile, starting at the top/north. Use {-y} if the origin is at the bottom/south (TMS).
{z} Zoom
{r} Scale value. Can be used to add "@2x" to the URL to load retina tiles
{q} Quadtree
Bounding box coordinates for WMS Urls.
{s} Subdomains a,b,c.
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