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This article talks about moving through and identifying aspects of a Pix4Dsurvey project.

Navigate in the 3D view

To pan, rotate, and zoom the 3D view:

  • Left-click to pan the 3D view.
  • Hold Shift and left-click to pan the 3D view on the z-axis.
  • Right-click to rotate the 3D view.
  • Use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out on the 3D view.

To access the predefined views:

  1. Click View in the menu bar.
  2. Click:
    • Zoom to fit all content (Ctrl+1) to zoom out and view the entire scene.
    • Zoom to selection (Ctrl+2) to zoom to the selected object.
    • Top View (7) to view the scene from the top. The scene is zoomed out to display the entire scene.
Tip: It is also possible to use shortcuts to view the scene in predefined views.

Split the 3D view

Access: To split the view:
  • Right-click in the 3D view [1], and click the desired view.
  • Access the function in the View - 3D View menu [2].

Split the 3D view and view the scene from multiple angles simultaneously:

  • Pix4Dsurvey_icon_split_mode_vertical.pngSplit Horizontal. To split the currently selected view horizontally.
  • Pix4Dsurvey_icon_split_mode_horizontal.pngSplit Vertical: To split the currently selected view vertically.
  • Remove: To remove the currently selected view. 


To split the view, either right-click in the 3D view [1] or access the function in the View - 3D View menu [2].

Navigate in the images

To change the display of an individual image:

  • Hold Ctrl and left-click to pan on the image.
  • Hold Ctrl and rotate the scroll wheel to zoom in and out of the image.

To change the display of all images:


  • Use the slider to zoom in and out all the images at once.
  • Click Pix4Dsurvey_grid_view_1.png to display images in a single column.
  • Click Pix4Dsurvey_grid_view_2.png to display images in two columns. 


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