How to force quit the App - PIX4Dscan


Force quit might be needed when using PIX4Dscan:

  • Force quit PIX4Dscan and restart the app when changing the drone that is selected for flying if the last one belongs to a different vendor.
  • Force quit any other app that could be in conflict with PIX4Dscan when connecting to the drone.

[iPadOS] To force quit PIX4Dscan app:

1. Double-click the Home button of the iPadOS device. This brings up the app switcher.
2. Scroll the apps to find the app to force quit.
3. Tap the corresponding app window and swipe it up off the screen (upwards or downwards).
4. Go back to the Home screen of the iPadOS device and select PIX4Dscan.

[Android] To force quit PIX4Dscan app:

1. Open the Settings app on the Android device.
2. Scroll the list and tap Apps, Applications, or Manage apps.
3. (optional) On certain devices like Samsung, tap Application Manager.
4. Scroll the list to find the app to force quit.



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