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Access: On the top bar, tap user_circle.png if you are not logged in, or Group_1953.png if you are logged in (it shows the user's initials).

Account details

This section contains account details information:

  • User information: the user's first name and last name, email of the Pix4D account.
    Tap Log out to log out and access the login screen upon confirmation.
  • Membership type: it describes the type and the duration of the currently active license.
  • Privacy Settings: click Update to specify communication and data privacy preferences.
  • Account deletion information.


This section allows the user to select the Drone and the Camera to be used to fly the missions: 

Safety and Security


Important: For the Safety and Security settings coming from the vendor applications, their values are retrieved in PIX4Dscan (signal lost action, RTH height etc.). We recommend checking all the safety and security settings before starting the flight.

Minimum drone battery level: Set the minimum drone battery level under which PIX4Dscan will not allow a mission to be started or resumed.

Signal lost action: Defines which action is taken in case of connection loss between the remote controller and the drone (Not connected status). The action will only be executed if the drone is not performing a mission.
The options are the following:

  • Return to home point (recommended): the drone returns to the home point.
  • Land: the drone lands on its current location.
  • Hover: the drone hovers on its position.

RTH height: defines the height that the drone will reach before starting returning to the home point.

Restore: tap on the reset.pngRestore button to restore all safety and security settings to default recommended values.


Map orientation: defines the orientation of the Map view. Options are:

  • Drone bearing locked: the orientation of the Map view rotates together with the drone moving.
  • Manual bearing: the orientation of the Map view remains fixed while the drone is moving.

Units: defines which units are shown in the application to express distances and velocities. Options are:

  • Metric (m, m/s)
  • Imperial (ft, mph)

Languageselect the preferred language for the application. Options are:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • French
  • Portuguese

Camera sound notifications: 

  • On 
  • Off

Network RTK

This section allows the user to switch On and Off the RTK positioning, create a new RTK account, select within different RTK accounts, and connect to an RTK account: 

  • RTK Positioning: For safety and security reasons, if the RTK positioning toggle is switched to On or Off when performing Asset Type missions, the point of interest references must be reset. 
  • RTK accounts: 
    • Create a New RTK account: the user needs to provide an Account name, Hostname/IP, Port number, Username, Password, and Mountpoint. 
    • Select an existing RTK account. 


This section links to the PIX4Dscan documentation and onboarding guides (cell tower and grid) and allows users to contact technical support and send all logs by email directly from the device.


It contains the application disclaimer, the PIX4D terms and policies, and the third-party licenses.

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