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Access: On the top bar, tap menu.png.

Your Pix4D account

This section contains:

  • User information: the user's first name and last name, email of the Pix4D account.
    Tap Log out to log out and access the login screen.
  • License information: it describes the type and the duration of the currently active license.
  • Privacy Settings: click Update to specify communication and data privacy preferences.

Safety and Security

Only available when the connection with the drone is established.

Important: By default, Safety and Security settings are taken from the drone manufacturer's application. We recommend checking these options before starting the flight.

Signal lost action: When not in mission, defines which action is taken in case of loss of connection with the drone (Not connected status).
The options are the following:

  • Return to home point (recommended): the drone returns to the home point.
  • Land: the drone lands on its current location.
  • Hover: the drone hovers on its position.

RTH altitude: defines the altitude that the drone will reach before starting returning to the home point.

Critical battery level: Percentage of battery considered as critical level. When this level is reached, the behavior of the drone is defined in the drone manufacturer's application.


Map orientation: defines the orientation of the Map view. Options are:

  • Drone bearing locked: the orientation of the Map view rotates together with the drone moving.
  • Manual bearing: the orientation of the Map view remains fixed while the drone is moving.

Unitsdefines which units are shown in the application to express distances and velocities. Options are:

  • Metric (m, m/s)
  • Imperial (ft, mph)

Languageselect the preferred language for the application. Options are:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Japanese


This section links to the documentation of Pix4Dscan.


It contains the application disclaimer and the third-party licenses.

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