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What is Pix4Dscan?

Pix4Dscan is a professional asset flight application for iPad developed by photogrammetry experts for visual inspections from images. This companion of Pix4Dinspect allows for both manual and automatic drone flights (Cell Tower, Orbit or Cylinder), to meet your mission’s specific needs and to collect actionable data.

What are the versions of Pix4Dscan?

Pix4Dscan provides two versions: Inspection and Inspection-Telecom.

  • The Inspection version contains functionalities used to perform general mapping and inspection of structures.
  • The Inspection-Telecom version contains the additional functionality aimed at mapping and inspecting cell towers.

What are the specific features for the Inspection-Telecom version in Pix4Dscan?

Pix4Dscan provides three mission types: Orbit, Cylinder and Cell Tower.

The Cell Tower mission is a flight mission specifically designed to optimize the mapping of cell towers and it is available only with the Inspection-Telecom version. The Cell Tower mission will enable the 3D reconstruction of cell tower structures and antennas with the highest level of detail.  For more information, contact our sales team here.

What is the Cell Tower mission in Pix4Dscan?

The Cell Tower mission is a flight mission specifically intended for mapping cell towers. The Cell Tower mission aims to efficiently capture the components and geometries by applying multiple sub-missions: Orbit, Underneath Orbit and Cylinder.

The full description of the Cell Tower mission is available here: Pix4Dscan - Manual (see Cell Tower mission).

Which is the recommended workflow to map cell towers?

The Cell Tower mission contains the recommended workflow for mapping such structures. For the mission planning, points of interest such as the center and the maximum altitude of the cell tower need to be manually identified in the field. The mission is then created in relation to the measured position of these references.

The instructions about how to perform the Cell Tower mission are available here: How to map cell towers.

In which languages is Pix4Dscan available?

Pix4Dscan is available in the following languages: English, Japanese, and Spanish.

Which operating system is supported by Pix4Dscan?

Pix4Dscan is currently supported on iOS.

Which drones does Pix4Dscan support?

Pix4Dscan is compatible with different drones. For more information see Pix4Dscan supported drones, cameras and controllers.

Can Pix4Dscan be used without an Internet connection?

Internet connection in the field is not strictly required but it is recommended. The processes that require internet connection are listed here: Is Internet connection needed to use Pix4Dscan?

Before performing an offline flight, it is also recommended to connect to the internet and move around the basemaps, so that they can be cached and made available for offline viewing. The instructions on how to save offline maps are available here: Offline basemaps and missions.

What is the price of Pix4Dscan?

For information about Pix4Dscan’s pricing, contact our sales team here.

How can I get technical support for Pix4Dscan?

For technical questions about our products contact our support team here.

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